Thursday, August 19, 2010

Yesterday, Zach and I stayed home from church, because Zach was getting sick and had been working all day. I'd rather him rest and be out for a night rather than go and be out for 3 days after that. just happened to be one of the most beautiful summer nights I've ever seen here in Tennessee. It was breathtaking and most certainly overwhelming. I was disappointed that I could not fully capture it with my camera, but lets be honest here...who can possibly capture God's beauty manifested in creation? Definitely not me! But seriously, you just can't tell in these photos, it makes me SO sad! haha. Moving on.. it was storming the night before and raining all day yesterday. The sky was covered in clouds, but the sunlight found its way through.. just around sunset, it started to pour steady rain and the sky lit up with a beautiful pink. The trees and grass were bright green. The combination of it all was sooooo perfect and peaceful. I wish it lasted for more than 20 minutes! My description just doesn't even give it justice at all and so badly I wish all of you could have been there to witness such a magnificent sight! Magnificent, but so comforting.. it's OUR Lord that created such an image, OUR Lord that is capable of anything and everything. He holds EVERYTHING in its place, including my life, how can I not trust and worship such a powerful and glorious God?! He is worthy of all my praise!

Hot Summer Days..

One thing I didn't mention when I posted about the Hard Rock Cafe was 119 degrees and raining. I even took a picture to prove it. :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

And here are some more photos... Enjoy!!

Hard Rock Cafe

Ok so a few nights ago Lazar Lazar had a show at the Hard Rock Cafe in Nashville. Whoo! It's a GREAT venue out here. They just remodeled it too, so it's crisp and clean..always a plus in any music venue! The show was absolutely wonderful!! The guys finally had a great sound guy (this show was the last of four shows for the last four weeks) and let me tell you.. you would think you would have some pretty talented sound guys in Music City..NOT. However, it worked out really well for these guys and Lazar Lazar ended have a super awesome gig! They just keep getting better!! My camera doesn't do well in dark lighting (probably because I'm an idiot and don't really know how to fully work my Nikon) BUT Josh MacLeod was able to come and snap some pretty cool shots of them. THANK YOU JOSH!!!