Wednesday, December 1, 2010's been a while..

I can't believe how long it's been since I've blogged! Goood grief. Well so much has happened since I changed the look of my blog. hah. Zach and I have officially moved to Green Hills, he works at Whole Foods (yay!) and I work at Teavana and Anthropologie. Talk about fun? I still need a job with more hours, so that I can just focus on one, let me know if you hear of anything!

The holidays are here and I miss my family more than ever! Wish we could all be together. Thanksgiving was fun...I almost puked because I ate a little too much..and we started driving home and it started snowing..couldn't be a more perfect Thanksgiving night. Actually it gently snowed last night too..just a few little flakes here and there, but it was sooo pretty! Of course it all melted before it could even touch the ground.

Zach and I are getting our very first Christmas tree this week...I'M SO EXCITED!! I LOVE Christmas. Max and Hailey went and got us ornaments and lights too, sooo incredibly sweet and thoughtful of them..(Thanks guys!!) less thing for us to purchase! (We've got a big NEED list for our home) :)
We also had our first, formal dinner with our Pastor and his wife.  I went all out and made tri-tip roast, sweet potatoes and asparagus. Over cooked the roast, undercooked the sweet potatoes, messed up the whipped cream for pumpkin pie and failed to defrost the pie properly. Haha. How's that!? Oh and my kitchen was a disaster, since there was no room in it, no dishwasher and soooo soo many dishes. I even made Vanilla Meringue Cookies..those turned out ok, haha. Having them over was so much fun though! We all just laughed at my mistakes and enjoyed each other's company. Dave and Nancy are such a blessing and encouragement to us both, we love them dearly.
I'm posting some photos of the table..I was really excited to have them over..I even put ornaments on the glasses (Thank you Courtright's for my house warming gift!), I'm totally in the Christmas spirit right now! I loooove it.

All taken by my new iPhone 4..YAY!!!